Tank Cleen

Camec Tank Cleen, cleans and deodorises freshwater tanks. Easy to use powder. Each container treats up to 182 litres.

Instructions for use
For caravan/motorhome/boats water tanks use 11 grams of TANK CLEEN per 10 litres.
 For small tanks and portable containers use 1 teaspoonful of TANK CLEEN for each 5 litres of capacity.
Pump out all existing water in system
Empty powder into bucket of hot (not boiling) water.
Stir well to ensure powder is fully dissolved.
Pour solution into tank/s and top up with mains water.
Draw solution into system and leave to soak
For aluminium or stainless steel tanks leave for 5 minutes, flush tank & repeat process.
For plastic tanks leave to soak overnight.
Pump out tanks fully.
Refill tank/s with mains water and repeat pumping out process to rinse.
Refill tank/s with mains water ready for use.
Additional Uses
TANK CLEEN will also de-stain Melamine ware, cutlery, cups & glassware etc.