BMPRO Aspero Power Management System


  • Complete power management & monitoring system for RVs
  • Monitor battery status & water tank levels
  • Multi-input – AC/Solar/DC
  • Charges all RV battery types

*Battery chemistry can only be altered or changed with the use of an ASDisplay


BMPRO’s ASPERO is a combined power management system and information display designed for recreational vehicles. The ASPERO powers your loads, charges your battery and provides you with live and easy to understand information about your battery status and water tank levels.

The system includes ASPower, a lithium battery-compatible Power Management System that operates from 240V AC mains power supply, towing vehicle auxiliary and solar panels to simultaneously power caravan loads and charge the caravan battery.
It employs intelligent charging algorithms, ensuring optimal battery health. Automatic battery preservation mode saves remaining battery power until you’re ready and able to charge.

Also included is the ASDisplay, an information display designed to show you with current information about your battery and connected loads, including the battery level of the connected battery, the charging/discharging state, battery chemistry, active power sources.

To get the most from your ASPERO system it may also be used with the following products (sold separately) from the BMPRO range:
• BC300 + CommLink External Shunt for integration of additional accessories and high current loads such as inverters.
• Dipper water level indicators to monitor the water levels of up to 4 water tanks.

for more specifications and options check out the BMPRO website here